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Force Authentication

One-level security is no longer enough. Even the most robust passwords are vulnerable to theft or exposure. Requiring more than one method to authenticate user identity or access permissions can reduce or eliminate the risk of stolen or unauthorized credentials being utilized. 

Get cyber ready with identity and access management today.

Data Loss During the Work-From-Home Era

Take Control of Your SaaS Data Recoverability

Data loss can have long lasting consequences on your business 

The loss of business-critical data can result in costly disruptions and operational downtime, hefty regulatory penalties, reputation damage or even the loss of customers.

To maintain business-critical operations and SaaS data asset integrity—especially with the current shift to a more hybrid working environment, you must deploy a robust SaaS backup solution within your business.

Most SaaS providers, like Microsoft 365®, do not protect your business against many common causes of data loss. Even if you were willing to pay extra, most SaaS providers do not offer a backup service.

Don’t worry! By partnering with an expert like us, you can save your data with the right SaaS backup solution.

Keep Updates Up to Date

While updates often introduce new or enhanced features into your apps, programs and systems, they also install security and performance fixes known as patches. Undiscovered defects or flaws can leave your systems exposed. Hackers will exploit any vulnerability or security gap they find. Keeping your systems updated is vital for keeping your business cyber ready. 

Let us automate and optimize your system updates and patches. Contact us now to get started.

Know These Microsoft 365 Facts

Your Microsoft 365 Data is Not as Protected as you Think!

Our expertise in SaaS backup can safeguard your data

There are many myths floating around about Microsoft 365 data-retention timeframes. To dispel these misconceptions, here are a few facts:

Fact #1: You can lose data from Microsoft 365

While Microsoft backs up Microsoft 365 data against infrastructural threats, they do not safeguard it against accidental data loss at your end due to misconfigured retention tags, policies, user errors, etc.

Fact #2: Some deleted items in Microsoft 365 get permanently removed after 14 days (extendable to 30 days)

By the time you realize certain items have been deleted, it might be too late to do anything about it. 

Fact #3: Cloud-to-Cloud SaaS backups can minimize the time and cost of restoring lost data

We are here to help! Our expertise in SaaS backup can guard your data while you fully concentrate on your business.

Establish Strict Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures regulate business operations and are essential for defining the standards and expectations of employee behavior and actions in the workplace. While establishing strict, security-focused protocols is necessary, a system of validation and enforcement is equally important. After all, rules without consequences are merely suggestions. 

Let us help you develop security-driven policies and procedures for your business.

Multiple Factors Can Wipe Out Your Microsoft 365 Data

We can help you safeguard your data against loss

Losing your Microsoft 365® data is easier than you might think due to factors such as:

  • Cybercriminals and hackers (Account for close to half of the incidents)
  • Human error (An alarming 22% of incidents are due to human error)
  • Malicious insiders (Make up for close to 30% of threat actors)
  • Illegitimate deletion (Though less than 10% of all causes of incidents, the impact can be severe if sensitive data is lost)
  • Programmatic errors (Also called sync errors, these can cause data loss in a flash without an ‘undo’ option)
  • Malware & ransomware (Accounts for about 20% of the incidents)

Ensure your data’s recoverability by deploying an automated and secure SaaS backup solution.

If you are confused about where to begin, let us help you get started. With our SaaS backup and recovery solution, we can help safeguard your data and save your business from costly damage and disruptions.

Have a Cyber Readiness Plan

With headlines full of mentions of cyberattacks and security breach victims, it’s time to take risks seriously. The success and survival of your business will be determined by your ability to overcome security threats or breaches. You need a cyber readiness plan that includes prevention, continuity and recovery strategies. 

To start building your cyber readiness plan, contact us today.

Is Your Microsoft 365 Data Secure?

Guard your sensitive data with secure backup and recovery

Never let your important data disappear!

You may think Microsoft 365® fully protects your data, but your data is your responsibility.

Microsoft, like most SaaS application providers, follows the shared responsibility model and as per your service level agreement, the responsibility of protecting the security and integrity of your data, endpoints, accounts, and access management rest fully on your shoulders as the customer.  

In short, accidental deletions, malicious insiders, etc., could permanently wipe out your business-critical data — and Microsoft won’t be responsible for restoration.

Therefore, you need a comprehensive backup strategy to protect your valuable data assets.Let’s talk about how partnering with specialists in IT and data security, like us, can help you build a resilient backup strategy.